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Other Rates

Signature Loan As Low As** 10.24% APR*
Signature Loan over $3000 As Low As** 9.74 APR*
Signature Line of Credit As Low As** 10.74% APR*
Signature Line of Credit over $3000 As Low As** 10.59% APR*
NEW - Recreational Vehicle As Low As** 11.75% APR*
USED - Recreational Vehicle As Low As** 12.00% APR*
Computer Rates As Low As** 7.49% APR*
Share Secured Loan   2.00% Above Share
or Share Certificate
Rate with a minimum of 6.00%

MasterCard® Credit Card Rates
(No Discount Applies)

Classic MasterCard® 17.38% APR*
Gold MasterCard® 12.46% APR*
Platinum MasterCard® (Variable Rate) 8.74% APR*

*Annual Percentage Rate

**Rates quoted are an 'as low as' rate and are based on Rewards Based Lending AAA credit with Auto Pay and Payment Protection. Rates may be higher depending on credit worthiness. Auto Pay requires either payroll deduction or direct deposit, with an automatic transfer of payment due. Payment Protection requires Member Pay Credit Life and Disability Insurance for qualifying members. Add 1/2% for loans without Auto Pay and Payment Protection or add 1/4% for loans with Auto Pay only.